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One Armed TuXee

Hey everyone, my name is Santeri Sutinen.

My nickname is "TuXee" and I am a 19 year old one handed competitive Call of Duty gamer, Youtuber and a fishing enthusiast from Finland. My right hand got amputated after I went through a lathing accident in 2010. It happened in 7th grade and I was 13 years old. It took me a long time to adjust to the new lifestyle, as well has hard work, sleepless nights just crying and trying to think why it happened to me. I got really depressed and I lost motivation for everything. Until about a year after the accident my friend made me try playing, it felt impossible but I decided that I'll learn no matter what. So we played a couple hours almost every day for about a year, and in that year I realized that I can do this, quite well actually. So after that I started playing competitively and make videos to youtube where I show my gameplays, videoblogs, fishing trips etc. I've also been super interested in fishing and nature for my whole life, so I decided I'll figure out a way to keep doing what I love, and I did and it's like a lifestyle for me now. If i don't go fishing for a week something is wrong haha. But anyways, if you guys have a feeling that you're not good enough or capable enough to do the things you love or trying to do something new, forget those thoughts, tell yourself "I can, it will take time to figure out how, but i will figure it out rather than regret for never even trying." Trust me. There's nothing more satisfying than to realize you're able to do whatever you want. Hope you guys enjoyed my story, i wasn't really sure how to tell it. Hope you all have a great day and remember to smile. -Santeri "TuXee" Sutinen

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