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Jordan Luce

I can and will do anything that I want to

I'm Jordan Luce, a 22 year old French professional wheelchair basketball player. Born with Congenital Psudoathrosis of the right tibia I spent much of my childhood in and out of hospitals and rehabilitation centres in France, thousands of miles from my family and home in Martinique, French Caribbean. At 16, back in Martinique I began wheelchair racing where I was spotted by the France team wheelchair basketball coach who invited to me to a training camp in Paris. From here my life as I knew it changed. I represented France for the first time at 18 at the European championships and have since gone on to play in clubs in England, France and Germany whilst continuing my international career. The opportunities opened up to me through sport have been far more than I could ever have imagined... I have travelled the world, made friends and even a fiance through basketball! But most of all sport has given me an inner strength and belief that I can and will do anything that I want to.


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