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Angelo and Mike Sanchez

He is a tremendously hard worker with a great deal of patience and focus for his age

Our son, Angelo was born with spina bifida. For the first 2.5 years of life he was bombarded with multiple surgeries. At the tiny age of 21 months, Angelo learned how to pop his front wheels (casters) off the ground. Thus, began his love/obsession with the wheelie. Because of Angelo's tenacity and joy of learning we sought to introduce him to sports. While at the tender age of 2 (& 1 week), we began watching local rugby practices and Angelo was hooked. Like any kid, he liked to ram other people and/or things. Surfing, kayaking, Chair-skating, boxing, basketball and horseback riding followed later that same year. Fast forward to 6 years of age, he is periodically doing, seasonally participating in or regularly practicing 16 sports! Yes, Angelo keeps us very busy, but he has always taken the initiative after being introduced to something new. He is a tremendously hard worker with a great deal of patience and focus for his age. Sports and at-home-workouts have provided an outlet for built up energy and personal expression that have only improved his focus towards academics and learning in general.


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