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"Skate or die!"

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Conner Millan

Life goes on, it doesn't stop or wait for anyone!

My name is Conner Millan. I was born on July 24th, 1993, with Spina Bifida. I grew up in northeast Florida, started scooting around, sitting on my skateboard at 8 years old until a kid in my neighborhood skated by and asked why I didn't stand up and skate. Ever since then, I've been skateboarding standing up. I moved to the west coast and I am currently living in a van, but it's kinda nice. I skate a little bit of everything. Mostly street, some transition, and some downhill. I recently recovered from a left leg BK amputation. My last run in Venice, I took a bad fall and tore open a callous on my foot, developed an infection, and they had to amputate. People say I'm an inspiration, but I'm just someone living life with what I was given. If I can change someones perspective on life, I feel like I'm doing some good. Life goes on, it doesn't stop or wait for anyone! As a good friend says, "shred the gnar or the gnar will shred you"!

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