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Smile Even When It's Hard

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Natalia Kamolinkova

About me

My Name is Natalia, and I am 27 years old. I live in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. In September 2013 I had a spinal cord attack which paralyzed me since Th5 level. Of course since that my life plans have changed. However, I'm an optimist and even since I am in a wheelchair, I try to do my best to live an active life. In September 2016, I won a beauty contest for women in wheelchairs. Since that I understood that I need to help people in difficult situation. I starting working with children and now I'm a volunteer in orphanages. I show children that beauty in inside us and as I like to say "all borders are in our mind". I do wheelchair dancing and one of my passion now is blogging - via my Onstagram I show people that a wheelchair is only a vehicle and it's not a reason to sit at home. In Russia we have a huge problem with disabled friendly environment and one of my duties nowadays is to show the government these mistakes and make the environment more friendly - who if not us? I work as an ecologist and try to spend vacations traveling- this is something that I like so much. One of my passions is modeling and my goal to be a famous wheelchair model. Most importantly, I do rehabilitation and keep hope that one day I will walk again.

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