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Unique Books For Unique Children!!!

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Trace Wilson

Helping Children Embrace Their Unique Differences

I was born without a right hand. As strange as this may sound, that is my favorite thing about myself. If I had two hands, it would be easier to tie my shoes. I could carry all of my dishes to the sink without everyone worrying that I might drop them. I could actually make an audible sound when I clapped, and I'd be able to aim and shoot at the same time when playing video games with my friends. If I had two hands, my life would be a lot different. If I had two hands, I couldn't make hilarious one-hand puns or jokes. I wouldn't be as innovative in my daily life, or with my hobbies. I wouldn't be as open-minded, outgoing, or empathetic as I am. And if I had two hands, I wouldn't have become a published children's author at 22 years old. I wrote my first book, Uniquely Me, with the hope that I could help not only children with disabilities, but any child who worries about being different. I told myself that if I could help even one child overcome some of the struggles I faced when I was younger, my goal would be met. Now, a year and a half later, my second book is currently being illustrated and over 1,000 copies of Uniquely Me have been sold. I write books to help children understand, accept, and love their unique differences. I believe that everyone deserves to know that those differences can be their greatest blessing. You never know, someday they may smile and say, "As strange as this may sound, that is my favorite thing about myself."

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