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Cameron Arens

I know that there is so much more to come and so much more to be done. I want to inspire others i want someone to look at me, and say because of you i didnt give up!

June 5th 2013 the Day God Blessed me with a new life!

I believe in myself, I believe deep down in me. I have the mindset, and always will that I can accomplish and succeed at anything I set my mind to. No matter what the situation is, I'll always come out on top pushing forward and succeeding in anything I set my mind to. I guarantee and promise you that I will never give up because I have already come so far in three short years. I was told that I wouldn't make it or live through my accident. I started out paralyzed from the neck down, and now only from the chest. I strengthen myself to be able to operate and use my manual chair over my power chair. I live on my own. I have completed 1 year in college with a 3.5 GPA. I know that there is so much more to come and so much more to be done.

I've come so far there's nothing that can stop or get in my way to slow me down from accomplishing all my goals that i set.  Living up to my absolute full potential and nothing less of always giving my absolute all into everything i do. Standards and expectations set to make me reach and exceed to higher heights and achieving all that i may desire. With my faith and life in Gods Palms nothing can get in my way following his will. This is only the very beginning and start to something i can't completely imagine and fathom.

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