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Jeremy Perez

Nothing stops me !

I'm Jeremy, a six year old boy from Joshua, Texas. I was born with a rare spinal disorder called Sacral Agenesis/ Caudal Regression Syndrome. The spine bluntly stops at the L-4 vertebrae which causes a lot of nerves in the lower body to never develop. I was not supposed to be capable of much from what was said at birth. BUT I CAN ! I crawled, climbed and learned to walk and run. I just do it my own way. I love WCMX, adaptive water skiing, baseball, Monster Jam trucks, and roller coasters (the bigger the better) Nothing has ever stopped me from doing what I want and I have been "allowed" to try things a lot of parents, especially special needs parents would be scared of. Mom thinks that's why I CAN do the things I can and says I'm Limitless and I Never Stop. Quitting or saying can't is not part of our vocabulary. I love to go places and show others that being a kid with braces on my legs that uses a wheelchair are happy and fun. Sharing awareness and getting acceptance every skatepark I hit. Now to get a chair made for it. 😎

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