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Juliet's Journey

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Lori Lacy


Hi! My name is Juliet Lacy and I was born with a condition called arthrogryposis. I had 8 sets of serial casting for bilateral clubfoot, a bilateral tenotomy, boots, bar and AFO's but my feet started to relapse so I had surgery on November 16th to lengthen some tendons and place a pin in each foot to secure the bones in their correct positions. I just got my pins removed and I am now in short leg casts until my new AFO's are ready! My hands are also affected and I have to wear hand splints, but we have horrible luck and none of them fit the way they should! You wouldn't know anything is wrong because I am always smiling and asking "What's that"? For regular updates on my progress, you can like "Juliet's Journey" on Facebook.

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