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Roxy and Madeline

We roll far and wide

We are the Globerollers. We roll far and wide in search of tasty foreign treats, sandy beaches, mesmerizing architecture, and glorious ramps. As for the rolling, we are forever on wheels. One of us by choice and the other by fate. Allow us to introduce ourselves. Roxy is a 24 year old woman of fierceness. She grew up in Amsterdam and moved to New York City when she was 18. When she was 16 months old, circumstances had led her to exploring the world by chair. Wheelchair, that is. Madeline is a 24 year old self-proclaimed nut job. She grew up in NYC and has remained there her entire life. When she was three years old, she decided that she and her rollerblades were soulmates and wore them devotionally ever since. This includes while sleeping, watching tv, walking the dog, and eating at fancy restaurants. Us females rolled into each other at 18 years of age, in our first class at NYU and we've been rolling together ever since. So here we are, five years later, traveling the world together. Our blog includes stories of us Globerollers turning inaccessible circumstances into accessibly hilarious ones. We capture these stories with words, pictures, and videos. So far we have conquered mountains, oceans, forests, the Amazon Jungle, Machu Picchu, Dracula's Castle, the Romanian Parliament, and the west coast of Ireland (just to name a few) all on wheels. We hope to encourage Globerollers alike to adventure fearlessly as we do. Follow our blog at http://www.globerollers.org/blog


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