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Cripple Power!!!

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Marna Michele

Sitting and Singing

Hi, my name is Marna Michele and I am wheelchair bound. Although some may look at that as a bad thing, I think it's pretty neat because I wouldn't be the person I am today if it weren't for my disability. I was born with something called Arthrogryposis. It's a muscle and joint disorder. I have never allowed it to define me or get in my way of doing what it is I love. And that is SINGING. All my life the one thing that makes me the happiest and most confident is my voice. Being on stage in front of hundreds, sometimes even thousands is where I know I belong. I get nervous, but I never feel scared or out of place.

It's funny to me because sometimes, when I'm simply at home looking in the mirror I feel so insecure of how I look and move and operate. But when I'm singing in front of a crowd I feel perfect, I feel beautiful and I feel strong. I also love to make people laugh, and to find the comedic humor in any situation. I have a YouTube channel, MarMarMovies, where I share my singing, my comedy, and my disability with the world. My main goal in life is to be happy and kind, to be brave, and outgoing. I do not and I will not allow my disability to stop from being the person I am meant to be.


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