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Focus on the ability in disability

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Declan Hart

Cerebral Palsy

When I was born, I did not breathe for 30 minutes and as a result, I was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. In my early years, I was told that I would never walk or talk. However, I was also born with incredible determination to achieve my goals.

Sport has always been a huge part of my life

Growing up I always had a passion for sport, and was always involved with any sports going on, often resulting in bumps, scrapes and bruises but I'd just keep getting up. I have been able to represent my state in 3 sports, Athletics, Tenpin Bowling and Football (Soccer). In addition, I have completed 7 marathon events. I'm very proud to be able to represent Football Queensland at a national level and am working hard to obtain a spot in the Pararoos (the Australian Paralympic Football team).

Education and Career

After leaving high school, I was determined to start tertiary education, although I had no idea if I could achieve this goal. But, with determination and plenty of support, I completed my Bachelors degree and graduated (probably the proudest moment of my life!) Happily, I obtain a full time position in the industry that I love.

My Dreams and Future

I'm lucky enough to be a volunteer coach and mentor at the Brisbane Paralympic Football Program, this is the highlight of my life, being able to share my experiences to improve young people's lives. I dream big and I believe that I was put on this earth to teach, inspire and help other achieve their dreams and goals! With hard work and commitment, I dream to be an inspirational speaker and share my story with others who have different abilities.

My Message

Never give up on anything you believe in! Always work hard, even when it's hard work, because there is always success when hard work and dedication are present! Dream your own dreams and believe in yourself. There's no one that will ever push you harder or give you more courage and strength then yourself! If someone doubts you, prove them wrong because you are the one that can do whatever you dream of! I truly believe the biggest 'disability' in the world is the perception of someone with a different ability! So go out and change society, prove that there is NO disability in this world that we live, only different abilities!

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