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Supporting Joe, Stem Cell Treatment

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Joe Mekan

Joe Mekan

Joe Mekan is a 21 year old paraplegic who is determined to get stem cell treatment on his injured Spinal cord. Treatments are not available in North America, maybe bc of big pharma, maybe bc of the shouts of ethics? The stem cells are not embryonic. We're working to raise funds to get Joe to Thailand where others w Spinal cord injuries have had incredible success. Joe is an intelligent, compassionate, funny and fun loving guy. His injury hasn't slowed him down much! He has remained positive throughout the last three years and works hard to achieve his main goal of treatment. He is motivated to be a strong voice for stem cell treatment after he receives his, as well as continuing to advocate for better support to those who have spinal cord injuries. Join us in supporting Joe! www.supportjoe.com

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