yoocan - Audrey Laporte - In a wheelchair, but just like you!

In a wheelchair, but just like you!

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Audrey Laporte

A wheelchair girl as everybody

Hi everyone, my name is Audrey! I'm 23, and I'm French. I studied modern languages and I travel a lot! I am quadriplegic since I was born and I always keep smiling and making jokes because it's my way to prove that we are not different than other people. Also because I think making people laugh can change their mind about people living with disability! In my everyday life I try to break the rules and show that disabled people can be inspiring and powerful. One example of this is by doing photoshoots! #wheelchairgirl #strong #whatdoesntkillyoumakeyoustronger #keepsmiling #nevergiveup #dowhatyourwantwithyourwheels

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