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It's all about perception!

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Tegan Crick

Turn a negative into a positive

Hi ya! My name is Tegan but people call me Teegs. I live in the land down under, in Australia. I’m 26 years young I have a beautiful boyfriend called Ash, a loving family and a little fur baby called Lillie she’s a 6-year-old Pomeranian Cross Maltase. ​ For about a year now I have been prescetarian, I’m transitioning from being a meat eater all my life to just seafood and eventually will be vegetarian in no time. I’ve already noticed myself eating less & less fish over the last couple of months, I decided to give up eating meat (land animals) after watching Facebook videos and documentaries on the mistreatment on animals. it was heartbreaking that people could do that to those poor defenceless animals so I thought no, I've seen enough. If I call myself an animal lover, why would I want animals to suffer a traumatic death?!  Just my thought...

My accident and work today

Back in 2007 when I was 17, I was in a car accident which left me a quadriplegic. I broke my c5/6 vertebrae and sustained a TBI (traumatic brain injury) which left me paralysed from my chest down. This happened almost 10 years ago I don’t like to dwell on the negatives, I like to turn them into positives. In 2009 I did a TV commercial called 'share my story'. It was about getting the message out there about road safety and hearing different people’s stories on what happened them - you are not invincible guys these types of things do happen on the roads. I did that commercial just 2 years after my accident and they hit some emotional strings, but hey, it made good TV lol! ​ In the same year, a company called PBF (Paraplegic benefit fund) reached out to me asking if I wanted a job, I got the opportunity to turn my negative situation into a positive one where I go around speaking to young adults about driving recklessly and making them realise how important their life is and that these things do happen to people. ​ If I’ve made just one kid realise the importance of not hopping into a car with a drunk driver or being the drunk driver, the importance of wearing a seatbelt and the importance of not driving like a dick my job is done and everything I do is worthwhile. ​ Being in this profession and having a crappy up bringing has made me want to be more involved with young people from all walks of life, I’ve done my Cert III in Community Services now that I have completed that I’ve moved on to do my diploma in Youth Work.

I love shopping, summer, hanging out with friends, top fuel cars drag cars, my fur baby, food, cooking, all types of animals, inspiring others, the moon and space itself, spreading positivity and reading horoscopes – I’m a Aquarius an air sign
I also love traveling, I spent 3 months traveling around Western Europe and looking at visiting more countries soon.  

Love Teegs

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