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I have CP & I'm a comedian

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Rob "The Hob" Houston

Hello Internet!!! How are you feeling?

I'm feeling good. So let me tell you about myself. I'm about to turn 36. I live in Dallas/Fort Worth Texas. In my spear time I spend my days as a cultural and entertainment journalist. Then at night I'm at bars and comedy clubs doing stand up comedy.

I don't go by my birth name as my stage name

I go by a nickname one of my friends gave me after Lord of The Rings came out, Rob The Hob. I use it as in act in my set. "Yes my name is Rob The Hob and yes I am from the Shire." "How many of you single ladies are sick of men? OK ladies I hear you. Well ladies I'm no man, I'm a Hobbit, and I'm not even from this earth, I'm from middle earth."

I may not be famous

But I am doing what I love to do to bring awareness to the disabled community. Showing the world that disabled people can do more than just be in the Special Olympics. We are creative, funny people that don't let our disability hold us back.


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