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Extra Push

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Alex Lytwyn

Don't Give up

In life it can be very easy to become complacent, especially when you’re in a powerchair. There was a time when I thought sleeping in and eating whatever I desired, was my maximum potential.  That was until I woke up and saw what was right in front me, a community wanting me to succeed. In my younger days, the attention given to me was that of the “politically correct” variety.  If I were to receive “real” human interaction, my shyness would have to be replaced with meaningful conversation.    This started with small things, like saying hello to people on the street and expanding to joining various committees and attending the meetings on my own. One of the most common ways people, gently me along life’s journey is asking me to repeat myself.  My speech impairment is a part of my disability that bothers me the most.  

My newest push from the community had come with me losing in our recent municipal election.  My campaign seemed to be going great and I was getting a lot of positive feedback. After all my hard work, I did not win.  The pain of losing was sharp for a brief moment, but then I came to realizing that this was everyone telling me that they expect more out of me and I can do a better job representing myself and the community.I take losing the election with great respect, and will continue to enhance myself and points of view to the point where I earn the chance to represent the people.My soul is like a puzzle made of pieces. You all help me find out which piece, goes where and when. I’ll be forever grateful for this. THANK YOU to all of you.

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