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Cerebral Palsy Warrior

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Kaitlyn Larson


This is Lucas Larson. He is 3 years old and was born three months premature. He and his twin brother, Gabriel, only weighed 1lb 12oz each when they were born. Lucas has hydrocephalus and a VP shunt, Cortical Visual Impairment, and Cerebral Palsy. I am Lucas' aunt and full time caregiver. His mom was my older sister and she was raising them on her own. Sadly she passed away unexpectedly a year ago.

She loved her boys more than anything else in the world and would be so proud of them right now. Multiple hospital stays and different surgeries and tons of different doctors and therapies. Times when we were scared and confused and he fought through and came out of everything with big smiles on his face. Everyday I look at him and see this bright smile or hear his laugh and think that I am blessed to have him here with me. He makes everyday easier, even though he has to go through so much for a 3 year old - he brings a lightness to it all. He just started school and is learning more and more everyday. He is so strong and impresses every person who works with him. He recently just got his own wheelchair, which has been amazing for him. He likes being in his stander and we are hoping soon we will start to look at gait trainers. He loves to play with his brother, go swimming and especially loves listening to music. Cerebral Palsy Warriors- Impossible is Nothing!

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