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Encouragement of my family

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Ning Sunarto


Assalaimulaikum! My name is Ning Sunarto and I am 22 years old. I live in Indonesia. 2 years ago I suffered a sudden illness that struck me, after visiting my neighboring country, Malaysia Malacca. It turns out I became paraplegia. Until now, I still have to  pee using a catheter. At first, it was difficult to undergo everything that had happened. Everything had to be changed in my way of life because now I use a wheelchair. But after the first year, I started to come to life again. One reason for me being such a strong person is because of my family. My mom sisters, and nephew especially. The second year I started thinking how I live a decent day and life as I used to. I learned to make felt flowers and learned how to tattoo the body using henna, a cultural practice of India. I want to share with you that life is good with my family; We keep the spirit high as if nothing has changed and find positive things that help our minds become even more positive each day.


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