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Never give up

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Kimberli Lira

Fighting for his life

In December of 2014 my husband was diagnosed with cancer. He spent most of 2015 in and out of the hospital receiving chemotherapy. At the end of 2015 my husband was in remission and we thought this dark cloud would pass. Unfortunately in April of 2016 he relapsed. He was given a salvage chemo but even that did not work. By July of 2016 the cancer had spread to his bone marrow, spine and was scattered throughout this body. His oncologist tried another chemotherapy and let us know that he had a 50% chance of getting in remission after 3 cycles. After only one cycle of chemo my husband was back in remission. We thought he would be able to get the bone marrow transplant he needed. Unfortunately the high doses of chemo he has received caused damage in his spine and in September he lost all his ability to move his legs and his arms. The doctors thought the spinal cord damage was going to increase and ultimately take his life so they put him on hospice in October. Through it all my husband's faith in God has not been shaken. So many people look to athletes, celebrities and well known people as their inspiration but my husband truly is an inspiration to me. The last two years we have witnessed him hooked up to high doses of chemotherapy. He has been treated by neurologists, infectious disease specialists, oncologists, nephrologist, cardiologists and wound care doctors. Our insurance has been billed millions of dollars this year alone. There have been weeks at a time where he was in the hospital away from his two children. Yet through it all he has continued praising God. He has maintained the best attitude and has been a pillar of strength for our family.  We have experienced a peace that comes from God. God has given us strength in the midst of darkness. He has given us comfort when we were full of sorrow. God has been fighting this battle for us every step of the way. Though we may never understand why cancer hit our home. And though we may never receive answers to why my husband became paralyzed we are believing that God can heal and we trust that every day God will give us enough strength to make it another day. We have heard multiple times from doctors very bad reports but we have seen the hand of God intervene time and time again. We may not know what the future holds but we do know that God will always see us through.

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