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Medieval Festivals and Concerts ♡

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Who I am

Hey, I'm Svenja. I'm 21 and I live in Germany. I have needed a wheelchair from birth because my spinal cord isn't developed completely. I'm able to walk but not for long. I lived in a boarding school for 9 years, which was my chance to become independent, and I think I did. In 2013, I start visiting Medieval Festivals. Since that time, I have gone camping and found many new friends from many cities and even some other countries! Sure it isn't always easy, but we are like a big family so if I need help with my wheelchair someone helps me. This year I got my first camera and love to take photos of the festivals and also in our garden. I need to be on tour to be the happiest, so I travel more than 10000 kilometers every year to visit festivals and concerts and my friends. I think everything is possible, even with a wheelchair or any disability. Just make sure you always keep your heart in it!

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