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One Dream to Another

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Jedidiah Snelson

A shift

My journey in a wheelchair began 3 years ago on January 26th, 2014 while enjoying a deep passion of mine.  I was racing a winter motocross race in Boise, ID  when I suffered a crash that would change my life forever.  A bad trip over the handlebars would leave me with multiple injuries, a dislocated and shattered T12 vertebrae, damaging myspinal cord, a dilsocated hip and shoulder, 4 broken ribs, a punctured lung, and the head of my femur sheered off.  All from a sport I have chased and enjoyed for 17 years(5 professionally).  Outside of my family, Motocross(racing dirtbikes on a closed course offroad)  was my first love, my true passion.  However, I knew when it was taken away my passion would not end there.

new beggining

I knew in order to have a quality life it was important to take care of myself and keep as much strength as possible.  It was this mission that led me to my next passion.  I eventually found the world of CrossFit.  I was able to accomplish 2 things here, build a functional strength that allows me to do things many in a wheel chair can't, and satisfy my internal need and desire to compete.  I quickly found my place in the adaptive crossfit world and have continued to flourish and reach others with the idea of functional strength the launches us into a world outside of the wheel chair.

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