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Experiencing freedom

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Martyna Blumil

Accident and then what?

When I was 18 I had a car accident. A very serious one - I became paralysed. Back then, for a short while I thought that was it for me. No more fun, journeys, beautiful moments. Everybody has their ups and downs, I guess at that moment I was at my weakest.


I managed to get myself together - mostly because I had a great support of my loving family and friends. Soon it became clear to me that limits are not in your body. They are in your mind. You can be perfectly healthy and still be imprisoned by the limits you give yourself! You restrain yourself from travelling saying that you have other expenses to cover. You never go crazy at the dancefloor cause you're scared of what other people might think. You keep your depressing job becasue you're scared to get out of your comfort zone. This is all bull*hit! Thanks to my accident I became aware that everything is fleeting, nothing happens twice and I am the master of my own destiny - I could either stay depressed and bitter for the rest of my life or I could just enjoy my life. I've chosen the latter of course.

So many things to do!

I travelled around the world! Seriously, name a place and I've been there. The only problem was that I could not necessarily go anywhere I wished to. All because of my damn wheelchair! Imagine, you're at the Dominican Republic and can't go to the beach! Or you're in the Alps and can't get to the top of the mountain cause it just so happens, they adjusted the whole trail except for the top. Please, don't even get me started...

I got this!

So I decided to take matters into my own hands. I asked my friend, who is an engineer, for a bit of help. Luckily, I've always been a kind of an idea hamster - I had lots and lots of ideas for a wheelchair that could take me anywhere I wanted. Some ideas where terrible, other just bad and other were ok. Until finally I had that perfect one - a wheelchair, that's not really a wheelchair. A device that makes you feel free and allows you to go to a beach, forest or through deepest mud if you want to. A wheelchair based on a technology that allows it to be stable and move only on two wheels. Thank God for gyroscopes!

Blumil is born

Me and my friend created the first Blumil just for me. When I took my first ride it felt so amazing! I could literally just go through a forest. I could finally start enjoying my journeys to the fullest. Everybody who uses a manual wheelchair knows what a pain in their rear end is to drive on cobblestones - you can get a connussion and sore muscles after 5 metres. With the Blumil I could smoothly race through the Warsaw old city. I even dared my friends to a race during cycling. And soon more and more people started asking me what was that magical device I was riding and where could they get it.

Time for changes

I decided I could help more people with the Blumil - so I've quit my old job and became a full-time producer of the Blumil wheelchairs. I have widened my portfolio so that everybody could find something just for them. 
Now, you can get the Blumil all around the world. And everyday I feel blessed when I see pictures of my clients which they had shared with me. I am happy that my motto "Experience freedom" is alive and well. I am happy that my product can help somebody feel better and make them smile.

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