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Aaron Baker - Together We Rise!

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Aaron Baker

Together We Rise

Aaron Baker was a professional motocross racer when, in 1999, he crashed while practicing, breaking the 4-5-6 cervical vertebras in his neck. "While in the hospital my neurosurgeon diagnosed me as a complete quadriplegic, having only a one in a million chance of regaining any function below my level of injury," Baker says. "However, through my intense desire to optimize the quality of my life, through eternal optimism and exercise I have been able to focus my mind and energy resulting in a slow, tedious return of function and strength." Baker's drive, along with the unending support of his family, has produced remarkable results. He's not only regained function against the odds, but he's recovered to do things like pedal a bicycle across the United States (Twice!), walk 20 miles across Death Valley unassisted, race the Mammoth Mountain, Kamikaze Downhill on a custom mountain bike, and earn a T-1 cycling National Championship Title for the U.S. Paracycling team.

His personal triumphs aren't the only story, however. Based on his own recovery experience, Baker and his mother Laquita Dian knew there was a void of resources for others who had suffered life-changing injuries and who had completed their in-patient and out-patient physical therapy but knew there was more progress to be made in their recovery. Together with Taylor-Kevin Isaacs they founded C.O.R.E., the Center of Restorative Exercise, in 2011. C.O.R.E. aims to "fill the health and wellness gap that exists between physical therapy and independent fitness." With custom-designed plans tailored to each individual, they're helping others advance their own recovery process and turn their full potential into reality. Aaron Baker is a passionate spinal cord injury advocate, who shares his 17+ years of experience as Ambassador for Red Bull - Wings For Life World Run that will return to Santa Clarita, California, May 7, 2017

Aaron is also the spinal cord injury Lifestyle Specialist for Shield Healthcare.com where he avails personal blogs, video content and direct access through the "Ask Aaron" portal.


"I am, therefore I do.
Explore, I am the Weaver.
I do, therefore become
A seer and believer." - Puscifer

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