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Living a Beautiful Life

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Roxana Dobrica

My Story

Hello, I am Roxana from Romania.  I'm 31 years old and I'm a paraplegic since 2009 from a car accident (T6-T7- completely injury).  My life has changed radically since my accident.  When I received my wheelchair, I was scared.  I did not know if I could manage the situation. Fortunately for me, I've handled it. I currently lead a normal life, raise my child who is already 13, and try to create a beautiful future. I have written a few books, which have been published in Romania and Italy.  I even started writing a film script. I am also a model in a wheelchair and walked down the catwalk at Milan Fashion Week for a famous Italian foundation #Vertical. Now I'm collaborating with Lulia Barton S.r.l.s, the first inclusive Fashion agency in the world  @iuliabarton_official.  I am happy with who I am, and who I have become after the accident.  I am not ashamed of my disability and I have always felt beautiful. This is my story in few words!  Enjoy your life!

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