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Tear down The Wall

חסר תרגום בשפה עברית. מוצגת שפה אנגלית


And so the madness begun.

Throughout my life, Pink Floyd and 'The Wall' album have played a big role. Sometime around September 2010 I saw a video on youtube from the new tour of Roger Waters: 'The Wall'.

That's when I set my mind to travel to see that show.  I found a way by a company that sells event travel packges (Flights ACC and events tickets...so easy).  I contacted them and made the arrangements.  I picked up a friend of mine that was also a Pink Floyd fan, and the following May I packed up my wheels and we flew to London.

As a disabled kid I traveled locally and abroad with organizations and groups

I never traveled by myself before. Seeing and doing whatever we wanted on our own time made me feel completly free for the first time in my life.  It was the first time I discovered the world outside my own comfort zone. We had the best time sightseeing and following my friend's advice to visit Camden Town (My favorite place in the world outside of festivals).  Back then the markets were all over the canal.  The money pigs didn't eat that amazing place yet.  It's still my favorite place to be and stay in London.

The Wall broke down on stage.  A wall broke down in me.

During that magical evening I met my best friend and drank my first beer as if it was water. I was so high on the energy from the music jumping up & down from my seat and went nuts like never before.

Since that concert, over the last five years I've traveled by myself with the Wheels of Madness (my beat up wheelchair).  I've seen countless concerts, shows and artists, visited more than 35 festivals including Tomorrowland, Sziget, NOS Alive, Rock Werchter & Isle of Whight.

Most importantly

I've been blessed by coming across and meeting the most amazng people and friends.  Without some of them I couldn't go anywhere by myself in a wheelchair.

If this article helps someone follow whatever it is she/he loves regardless of their physical limitations, I'd be happy.

There's a band called 'Do Make Say Think'  Please follow it!

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