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HOPE: Hold On Pain Ends

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Alena Chesser

Pain you can't explain

My health has really declined since my spinal cord injury. I used to be very active, but now not so much. It's the pain that keeps me limited. I just want to list my crazy medical problems:  

Health Story

2006- First Brain Tumor found and Surgery with treatments, lost chunks of hair and when it grew back it was my normal red/blondish hair.   

2009- The seizures started.   

2010- The tumor returned and there was not a surgical option since there was so much scar tissue from the first surgery.   

2013- I sustained my spinal cord injury, this opened up a whole new world of problems, and the Autonomic Dysreflexia is still bad.   

2014- Diagnosed with Reynolds Syndrome, this is when you have vasospasms that cut off blood flow to the feet, legs, hands, nose, and ears.  It can be  100 degrees and my feet will be freezing.  When I have these flashes, it causes the affected areas to turn blue and black. It can cause frost bite, gangrene, and even lead to amputation.   

2016- Diagnosed with Essential Thrombocythemia, which is a pre-stage for acute myeloid leukemia. I have been getting blood treatments. 

A week ago – I got diagnosed with Bronchitis, It’s not fun to stop breathing.  So I have been doing my nebulizer treatments to help open me up, but the chest pain sucks.     

Few days ago- I fell from my wheelchair while having a seizure, landed on my face and banged it up good, but worst of all I blew 4 disks, so my pain is really bad right now.  I don’t know if I am going to be able to handle this pain because it's horrible.  I am holding on to hope because I know that the pain ends eventually. I have my days where I lose myself to pain meaning: I’m get grumpy, frustrated, and grow mad easily. 

Right now, I am dealing with so much pain that I can’t eat or sleep.  

All of this is just part of who I am. I am very lucky to have a great group family and friends who are super supportive, which means a lot to me. Thanks for your love and care for me. I can't explain how much I need it right now. 

I am used to a normal pain, but it is so much more intense when you add on something like this onto the problems I already have. This is just an unexplainable pain and without everyone sending prayers and standing beside me during this trouble - it is helping me so much!

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