yoocan - Hunter Woodhall - Lost my legs not my heart.
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Lost my legs not my heart.

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Hunter Woodhall

The trials we overcome shape our character.

I was born with a bone deficiency that caused doctors to believe I would never walk. My feet were deformed and were amputated when I was 11 months old. Growing up I was bullied because of my differences. I was not good at many things, although I was convinced I would be the best. I found a love on the track, regardless of my lack of talent in the subject. I continued to train, working towards becoming the best athlete I could be. I am now 17 years old and I am the fastest high schooler to ever come out of Utah in the 400m or 200m! (Able body) along with being a top 5 nationally ranked high school runner as a junior. Finally this last summer I was able to run in Rio For the Paralympic Games, and came home with a bronze and silver medal! People believed I would never walk, and I heard no my entire life. I came to a point where I was ready to take life into my own hands and make a difference! I'm excited to continue my career in track and field and hope to have lots of amazing experiences! Quote: "they told me I would never walk, so I learned to run instead"

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