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Be positive, Be proud

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Tareq Saqqa

New vision

Four years ago during my duty as a biomedical Engineer, my team's task was to install medical equipment (1300 kg) in a hospital. The machine fell down on to my right leg during the transportation. After two weeks of suffering in pain with the doctors trying to save my leg, amputation was the best solution for my condition. I just smiled and took this decision knowing that god will stay with me. After my operation, I am really proud that I have changed the idea of amputation for many people; it is a new beginning in my life. I go out and shop, swim, travel, drive my lovely car and I am enjoying my life. I have come back to my career and even have a new friend, (my metal leg) or my lovely prothesis. Now my dream is to share my story and my journey with people all over the world to tell them please don't stop your life because of an accident or any other difficulty you face. Smile and be positive. I feel proud and happy... my life vision now is changed and I want to be a man who can give all the hope for all.


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