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What Step, NextStep!

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Ignacio Montoya

From Flying To Walking

Who am I?

Well, let's just say I'm that guy. The guy that never let anything stop him. The guy that always made the unlikely possible. The daredevil, the badass. The one who would never let anything stand in his way, and conquered all his fears. The one who always dreamed of greatness no matter how far it seemed or difficult it'd be. The one that would laugh when others said, "the sky is the limit", knowing that it was just a step in his journey. That's me. Ignacio Montoya. A fighter pilot & combat systems officer select of the United States Air Force who died for almost 15 minutes four years ago. Today I am the Executive Director of an unbelievable facility called NextStep Atlanta Paralysis Recovery Center and I am on a fierce mission to get not just myself but hundreds and thousands out of wheelchairs and back to chasing their dreams.

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