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Model with your soul

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Valentina Mendez

Wheelchair model

Hello! My name is Valentina. I am 21 years old and I am the first professional model in a wheelchair from Chile. I was born with spina bifida (a tumor in the spine to explain it more easy :)) I have had 13 operations and have used wheelchairs since then. However that has not been an impediment to me or my dreams! I was able to become a model and I am now studying fashion design. I have participated in parades in Chile, and I am part of the unique Academy of Models in Chile. I am very passionate for everything that I do and although this has been a difficult dream come true, I found friendship and a wonderful world that helps me to overcome things every day! I wanted to share my story and encourage everyone to follow their dreams and succeed- never surrender! Although some may say that your dreams can be stupid or impossible, they are yours so love them and strive to comply with them!

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