yoocan - Jasmine Fitzpatrick - My journey with Cerebral Palsy
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My journey with Cerebral Palsy

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Jasmine Fitzpatrick

Insight on my journey with CP

The privilege of a lifetime is to be who you are, and I know this is in my entire self being.  I know this because I believe 💚 & I have learned that there is nothing wrong with being different.🌟 DIFFERENT is who I am!

My name is Jasmine and I'm 24 Years old with Spastic Quadplegia Cerebral Palsy With Hypotonia

This is the most common form of Cerebral Palsy. I am Wheelchair bound and what the "medical world " refers to as a complete total care patient, which means I need help with every day life activities such as preparing meals, dressing, going to the bathroom, doing my hair, going out, etc. Basically anything you can think of off the top of your head that you can do without thought, I need help with. It could be simple like rolling over in bed or tying a shoe, which I cannot do because my hands curve in and my fingers ball up. I need help, no matter how simple or big the task is.

Sometimes I am in a lot of pain and I can't feel certain parts of my body. I have muscle spasms all day everyday, which are very painful.  One of the biggest misconceptions people have about Cerebral Palsy is that it is a disease, but Cerebral Palsy is NOT a DISEASE!  It is a brain injury that usually happens during childbirth, but it can happen to anyone at any age from traumatic events like car accidents.

For me Cerebral Palsy is a special battle scar I got from a premature birth.  I was born 28 weeks early.   There was bleeding on my brain and lack of oxygen. 🌟 Although that is true, understand that none of it stops me from smiling everyday. A Huge Majority of the Time I feel like people have really underestimated me because I have CP, but understand that CP does not define me.

I have many big dreams

I'm going to make my dreams happen. I'm going to be an actress, writer, and commercial Cover Girl 💁🏽 And yes, I have Cerebral Palsy.💚 I'm in this fight for life no matter how long it takes.  I am going to work hard and fight to accomplish everything! Believe me, CP will never stop me from living a full happy life and making a difference in this world because giving up could never and will never be an option for me!

I REFUSE to go down without a fight!! There are 17 million people in the world today who have Cerebral Palsy & I am one of them!! I always have been and always will be 💚 I'm Jasmine and I'm living strong with Cerebral Palsy. Get to know me and my journey. I promise you won't regret it.💚

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