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7-Fingered Diabetic Inspires All

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Chris Ruden

Born with a disability and dealing with type 1 diabetes, I was bullied and self conscious... but never broken!

My name is Chris Ruden (@chrisruden) and I am probably the only 7-Fingered diabetic powerlifter and motivational speaker you know! I was born with 2 fingers on my left hand and a shorter left arm. Doctors told me I wouldn’t be able to do much, but I’m too stubborn to listen. I struggled with body image issues, bullying, and self confidence growing up but I eventually learned to overcome my adversity through dance, martial arts, and even playing drums competitively. I got into fitness because I saw it as an impossible task given the way I was born, and I always loved a good challenge. Even though I started to love fitness, it was still just a hobby as my main goal was to become a lawyer. When I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes I changed my life around to help other people: "you teach best what you need to learn most". I earned my degree in exercise science and built a training business, large online presence, and started powerlifting, breaking 4 state records over 2 years. I am presumably the strongest diabetic disabled powerlifter today.

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