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Linda Beale

Making a difference and helping others

My name is Linda Beale. I am a special needs mum and wife. My youngest son Tyler has autism, global development delay and sensory processing disorder. My middle son Jayden also has autism and sensory processing disorder. My eldest son James has an auto immune disease, motor tics and other neurological issues under investigation. My husband Joshua also has autism. I work part time as an Exercise Physiologist for people with brain injuries.


My journey has been a very tough one especially as I suffer from a dizziness condition called POTS, I also have chronic gastrointestinal issues and I am very sleep deprived. I have learnt that my difficult and challenging journey has changed me into a better person. We grow and learn through tough times. I feel like I am getting stronger and stronger. I feel like I can do anything because of my tough journey.


It's my destiny in life to help others. So I share my family journey on instagram @tyler_n_jaydens_journey. We share therapy videos, nutritional information, autism education, massage videos, brain training exercises, sensory based exercises and loads of cute and funny pictures. Helping others going through a similar journey is so rewarding and joyful.

Positive attitude

No matter what you are going through in your life. A positive and never give up attitude will help you move forward. Look for the silver lining in every situation or circumstance. Plus you can bring more joy to your life through helping others going through a similar journey.

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