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Music saved my life

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Panah Ahmed

About me

When I was 3 years old, I had a cold. My mom took me to the hospital right away. But the doctors there gave me a wrong injection, which changed my life forever. The day after I felt really weak and couldn't get out my bed. That day I fell into a coma for about 11 months. I couldn't see anything. I was held alive by machines and 10 days before the doctors wanted to switch the machines off, I woke up.

Unfortunately 3 days after waking from the coma Saddam's gas attack war happened. I couldn't get the therapy that was needed for me. We couldn't rest long from the attack, because the golf war started and we had to get away from our hometown. I never got my needed therapy because of these two wars, where we lost 16 family members.

1991 a part of my family became refugees and we got to Austria where I finally got the needed therapy. I started a new life with a few of my family members and started to follow my dream as a singer songwriter. This is what makes me happy and makes me want to wake up strong every day. Music makes me want to live and this is what I try my best at.  I dream loud, live life to the fullest and never ever ever give up. Because at the end we are all our own bosses, our own leaders. If WE don't do it, then who else? If not now, then when? Tomorrow? Tomorrow might never come, so please get up, love yourself, and keep your head up high even on the hardest days ❤️

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