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Walking With Anthony: Helping Spinal Cord injury Victims

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Anthony Purcell

Helping Spinal Cord injury Victims With Financial Assistance

On February 6, 2010 I dived into a shallow water wave, causing critical damage that left my neck broken and spinal cord bruised. Doctors concluded that I, like countless other Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) victims, had little to no chances of walking again. I was determined to beat the odds that had been set against myself, began rehabilitation in May 2010. This successful treatment has slowly helped me regain my strength and every day, I come closer to being able to walk again. 

I took notice and realized something HAD to be done in order to help others who were going through the same issues. That is when Walking With Anthony was born. 

Walking With Anthony is a non-profit organization raising awareness of the impact of Spinal Cord Injury (SCI), it is on a mission to debunk the myth that victims of this injury have little to no chance of walking again. Something that can happen in a split second, the recovery from a spinal cord injury takes years and is extremely expensive for anyone to afford, leaving most who suffer from it untreated and without hope as insurance companies usually only cover about 20 days worth of rehabilitation. While the effects of a spinal cord injury are often perceived as lifelong and unchanging, through education, fundraising and sponsorship, the Walking with Anthony foundation is breaking down barriers and providing the means and hope for these individuals to do so! 

My continuous progress and recovery is a testament to what can be done to treat a spinal cord injury, and through the Walking With Anthony foundation we hope to give others that same opportunity. 

Every day I get tragic letters from families who are crying for help as they do not have the means to finance this very expensive recovery. The thought that treatment is available yet out of reach for most spinal cord injury victims is a heartbreaking injustice and it is the Walking With Anthony foundation’s hope that by bringing awareness to spinal cord inuries and its severity, we can raise the funds necessary to change as many lives as possible and get people walking again.

See the lives we are changing and progress we are making by following us on our social acocunts. 

Instagram: walkingwithanthony
Facebook: Walking With Anthony

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