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Meet Dexter!

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A bit about Dexter...

Dexter is five. He is cheeky and happy, determined and brave. 

And, a little stubborn.  

He was born premature. HIs brain damage was found at 30 days. He spent 122 days in three NICUs, before coming home. 

He has severe quadriplegic cerebral palsy and requires support with everything. He has cortical vision impairment and is non-verbal *but very noisy!

He was diagnosed with hepatoblastoma (liver cancer) at 13 months and required chemotherapy, surgeries and countless transfusions. He is now 4 years cancer clear.
Dexter is about to start mainstream kindergarten.

He's a great kid, who loves adventures. For more about Dexter, check out this post on his website: 

Thanks for reading our first story! 
We'll be back to share some of his adventures.

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