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It's That Wheel Kind Of Love

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Jessika Delatorre

Our Situations Brought Us Together, Our Love Keeps Us Together

Rey was injured 7 years ago in a motorcycle accident. He was around the corner from his house, riding his motorcycle and he was run off the road by a vehicle that never stopped. He is lucky to be alive today. 4 years ago, I went into surgery (able-bodied) to remove a large tumor compressed against my spine between T2-T8. I woke up from surgery paralyzed because although doctors were able to remove 45% of the tumor, it was completely compressed against my spine that my spine was affected during surgery. Rey and I met within the Spinal Cord Injury Support Group circle. He inspired me as I saw him living a complete life playing wheelchair basketball, racing in marathons and playing sled hockey. I was newly injured and didnt have anyone to relate to. Rey peer mentored me and our friendship began. It later evolved to my favorite love story! We now travel around the world together, work out together, SCUBA dive together and peer mentor together. Life goes on, love lives on!

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