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Paving a New Path: I will dance despite my disability

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וונסה קרוז

Strengh in Adversity

Hello my name is Vanessa, I am a dancer. I was born with my disability. I'm striving to become the best dancer that I can be. I'm constantly struggling for equal opportunities and I'm constantly hoping that one day more choreographers would be opened to working with disabled dancers. It was a difficult decision to embark in this journey where our society refuses to normalize disabled artist. I'm building a path for future disabled dancers and artists so that maybe one day it won't be full of rejections from auditions, where we are expected to reach beyond our own limitations, where we included not because of our disability but because of our artistry and passion. I've received more rejections and limiting roles than I can count. But I know if I keep pushing myself I know one day I will be cast in more challenging and meaningful dances that is more than just about my disability. It may not be in this life time where I will see these changes but I know it will happen if I keep creating and training and putting myself out there. My aspiration is to become a professional dancer and choreographer and I am ready for a real change for my community because we are still being segregated in many areas in society including the performing arts.

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