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Lindsay Hilton

In my mind, I am doing the same thing as any other rugby player

People often ask me how I could play rugby, or how I can hold/catch/pass a ball. My answer: I just do. In my mind, I am doing the same thing as any other rugby player. I work hard, just like any other player - it just looks slightly different. In the off-season, CrossFit is my training of choice. Since joining @cf.onside, I have been met with the familiar question of “how?” Again, I just do. I just try. Whenever I’m doing a new workout or new movement, I try, modify, and adapt. I certainly don’t do it alone, my coaches are amazing and I use Harbinger fitness lifting aids to help with almost everything. So the next time you’re faced with a seemingly impossible task, instead of thinking there’s no way, just give it a try - you never know the positive impact it may have on your life.

In my mind, I am doing the same thing as any other rugby player

My name is Lindsay Hilton. I’m 30 years old and I live in Halifax Nova Scotia. I play rugby, do CrossFit, and like to eat donuts. I was born missing both arms below the elbow and both legs above the knee. I spent my childhood playing outside, being active, and trying to figure out new ways of doing things. 15 years ago, a high school rugby coach convinced me to try rugby. I am forever grateful that she took a chance on me, and saw that there was a way I could play this very physically demanding sport. Rugby has impacted my life in such a tremendous way that I can’t even imagine what my life would be like without it. The friends I’ve made, and experiences I’ve had are irreplaceable.


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