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Giving back!

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Mykeah Simpson

Who am I?

Hi, Mykeah Simpson and I'm from San Diego, California born and raised. I'm a 25 year old recovering from a six year spinal cord injury. August 9, 2010 I was sleep in the back seats of my friends car without a seatbelt on, when a friend fell asleep behind the wheel causing a multiple car collision. From there I was admitted to a hospital, where I later woke up from a coma to learn my own story that changed my life forever. My injury level is C3-C7, where I broke my neck and it was fused back together.

What now?

Although I suffered from such a traumatic injury and life changing experience, I never let the limits of my physical being determine the limits of my life. Six years later I have beaten odd after odd doing things I couldn't see myself doing in the beginning. From having a job, getting back in school, writing my story, encouraging others, all the way down to being happy and content with my present and future, rather than focusing on my past.

Kdsmart Chair Raffle Ticket fundraiser Giveaway

I have a lot to accomplish this year as I do every year :). I've started 2017 off with the gift to give back (how awesome is that)! I have a BRAND NEW Kdsmart Chair (Kdsmartchair.com) that I got 2 months ago, yet it has never been used. I'm raffling the chair off, and reaching out to see if there may be anyone interested in joining the fun. Tickets are available at just $50 each, all participants need to do is buy their ticket(s) and await the Raffle drawing :). If anyone is interested or has questions please allow me to know by contacting me. I hope that all are blessed and exceeding the limits of their mobility and every way, shape, or form. Thank you & God bless!

Contact information

Mykeah Simpson Mykeahs@gmail.com 619-483-5530

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