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Miracle League baseball - so much FUN and so good for you!

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Robin Loyed

Feedback from parents and volunteers

From a family who has participated several years and is moving from Las Vegas - "I am so proud of our son. He amazes me in every way. Today he had an award ceremony. They were clapping for him. Then at the end Jesse walked over to me and gave me a hug and kiss. The parents stood up and clapped. I started to cry. He is a wonderful young man. I can't believe he is going to be 11 soon. We sure do love coming to baseball.  And we are going to miss Miracle League. I will look you up on Facebook so we can stay connected. From where he started and now since the beginning of baseball, I can't believe how much he has changed."   A parent who drives her son in from Pahrump, NV for every game described the Miracle League impact this way: “Thomas loves Miracle League and can’t wait for Saturday to come.  From the time he began 6 years ago, he has developed from a very shy, introverted young man who would not look anyone in the eyes to a very social and talkative fellow.  Thomas could only hit the baseball off the tee when he began and would not let anyone be his buddy assistance except me, his mother.  Now he hits from a pitched ball and loves socializing with a different buddy each game day.  He has come such a long way. We are so grateful for Miracle League.”   There’s no doubt that serving our community as a Miracle League “Buddy” can be a truly rewarding experience for the Buddy as well.  As one of our able-bodied high school baseball player buddy volunteers put it: “Being able to share my love of baseball with the Miracle League players makes me feel good and makes me see how fortunate I am.  I love their enthusiasm and energy and talking with them about their favorite team and players and getting to know them.”  The Miracle League model of involving community youth as volunteers at an early age helps promote community service values and a lifetime spirit of "giving back".


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