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Accident turned to Opportunities

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Yojanis Bernal

I am succeeding!

Hello, I am Yojanis Bernal from Venezuela and I want to tell my story.  I am 17 years old and I I live in Venezuela.  On September 02, 2015 I was in a motorcycle accident.  It was my second day at University and I was in a hurry to take a mototaxi to my destination!  We had not even traveled a kilometer when we hit a truck sisterna (transportation of drinking water).  I was unconscious for 7 days in the intensive care unit where my left arm and left leg were amputated.

At that time I thought my life was over and I would not have any future opportunities.  I'm overweight and to opt for the prosthesis, I must go down 40 kilos.  Thanks to many cases that I saw I realized that I can have many opportunities.  I want to continue studying, working, and playing sports.  There are no obstacles that are impossible as long as we have a positive attitude, optimism and faith.

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