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Don't Always Believe Your Doctor

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Etiene Veloso Diniz

God acts when doctors can not do anything else

Im Etiene.  On 03/09/2009, just after 2 months after I had my last baby, we had an automobile accident in Brazil. I was with my newborn baby and my husband.  They did not suffer anything, thank God.  I did every surgical procedure in the column where I was affected - c5, c6, c7, but something was going wrong.  I had an infection, where I had to travel to another city São Paulo, and those surgeries had no results.  Medicine was not enough, I took a drug that gave me allergies. That drug was the the last option of 3 others that did not work.

Moving through the pain with the help of rehab

I overheard the doctors say that if I did not react to the administered drugs, then there were no solutions.  My little sister ran out of the room and cried, but I never gave up in finding a cure. The supernatural happened giving me strength and healed me from that infection.  I was in the hospital for 3 months.    

While I was in the hospital, I missed my daughters who were 17, 9, & 4 months old at the time.  The pain was so heavy in my heart to see my whole family, so I went straight to rehab to get better.  I was hospitalized for another month, and every day God and my family gave me strength and motivation to live and allow me to be present in their lives. God is wonderful!  Do you know why? Because doctors did not believe that I would recover, and I did!  They said I would be in a wheelchair, and that I would never move my arms, torso, etc.  I cried a lot, but the dear physicians who worked with me were true blessing. 

I believed in my last breath, and thank my mother, sisters (Geisa & Emabel) my church, pastors, brothers, friends, I have no words that could ever thank them for their support.   What I have to say is to believe. God has all power to heal sickness and pain. God will give you his diagnosis. God can do all things ....   I remember that in the ICU I could not reason very well, but I did not forget that I had a Great Father God, so I did not know how to pray, but I was able to remember a praise called SPIRIT SANTO, by singer Fernanda Brum. And I sang, and I praised God.  

Thank you Lord, bless the owner of this page and the people who are here bearing witness to life.

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