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Enjoy the things you CAN do!

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Corné Van Houten

Wheel Chair Life

Hi, my name is Corné, I live in the Netherlands, and I'm 19 years old. At the age of 16, I became disabled because of an illness. Nobody knows what happened to me. Because of my illness, I had brain damage and polyneuropathy and because of that I can not speak anymore, use and move my fingers, or my legs. I use an electric wheelchair to get around. At the beginning I was not able to use any part of my body but with a lot of therapy there was improvement and it's still going forward each day. However nobody knows when it will end. I'm still very positive. I enjoy life and I'm continue to wear clothes that I like and that I wore before I became disabled. It's not important to me that it fits well while sitting in a wheelchair. I'm also a tattoo lover and I also have a lot of tattoos myself- 9 at this moment but I'm not finished yet :) I also like to go festivals! My words of advice to you: "Enjoy the things you CAN do!"

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