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Katie Hull

Spina Bifida has been more of a blessing than a burden in my life...

Katie is a happy thirteen-year-old girl. She was born with a physical challenge called Spina Bifida. This neurological disorder led a newborn Katie to her first operation within just a few hours of her birth and has had a total of ten surgeries since. With wheelchair in tow, Katie enjoys many exciting activities with wheelchair basketball being her favorite. Katie is on the Rancho Renegades wheelchair basketball team and enjoys traveling with her team around the country competing in games and tournaments. Katie also enjoys adaptive skiing, surfing and wheelchair races. Katie says, “Spina Bifida has been more of a blessing than a burden in my life because it has given me some very special and unique opportunities. If given the choice, I would still choose to be born with Spina Bifida because of all the blessings it has brought into my life.”


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