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Do what you can, with all your strength! SCI Story

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Masami Chikuba

Wheelchair Life

Hi, I am Masami and I live in Tokyo, Japan. I am 53 years old. I had a work related accident in 1999 causing lower body paralysis and right upper limb dysfunction. Two years after my hospitalization, I now use my wheelchair to navigate life giving priority to work and hobbies. Although I had some hobbies before my disability, I recently joined a band with my friend, and I'm a bass guitar player. Before I got hurt, I had many problems and bothered many people. However after my accident I felt like I wanted to do something for others and give back. I started supporting the disaster victims of where an earthquake occurred in East Japan. However, I still didn't feel complete. I challenged myself to a 10km run last March and I put my full power and dedication into this. Now I challenge you to do something that will push your lower and limits!


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