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My wish

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Sir William (Sõś) Hardy

If I could tell a school full of kids one thing

Status asked what would I say to a #school of #kids??? For me rather disabled or able-bodied well in today's #Society #motivation & #positivity thinking these are the years of the nerd & geeks. This is the #generation for the ones who were #bullied and #misunderstood ...... the #Special #educated & #disabled ..... It's time to show others they too can be successful with their "#Disability" aka #limitations however not be defined by their #diagnosis. This is what I'd say " I am NOT!! YOU are NOT!! We Are Not confined by our limits... nor do our limits define us!!!!! We all have, ".. Limitations, ..I push though & break them on the daily!!!"

♿ Listen, Never say what you can't do, other wise you'll never be  - Only say what you will & Believe .... in THAT... P-O-S-I-T-I-V-I-T-Y..... Come on say it now !!! For we are the creators of our own universe & destiny Minds souls connected Masters of our Positivity Mind over matter..so? tell me, ♿ The most resilient pesticide? An idea, impossible to eradicate. Once its taken over the mind !!! Believe in yourselves Never surrender!!!! to defeat"

♿ Www.sirwilliamhardy.com

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