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Where there's a will there's a way!

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Eslam Abuali

I Can!

I was 23 years old when a car accident paralyzed me in January 2012; I became a wheelchair user since that time. After spending around a year in the hospital, I decided to move on & figure out a way to resume my life in a different way "using my wheelchair"

I resumed my professional career in Human Resources in one of the biggest companies in Food & Beverages in Egypt.  After proving that I can achieve & perform like anyone abled, I was promoted!  I have been a sportaholic since childhood, and I used to practice several sports before the accident on a professional level & I couldn’t imagine that it would be an option for someone who’s in a wheelchair!  After almost 2 years since the accident I became a champion in swimming & represented Egypt in several local/International competitions.  

I convinced the Youth & Sports minister to establish the Para-swimming team. My biggest achievement was in Madrid in 2015 as I have accomplished a couple of bronze medals, yet I was getting ready for RIO 2016.  Unfortunately, I injured my shoulders so I couldn’t make it!  After 8 years of working in corporations, I decided to quit & follow my dream, to do what I am in love with & passionate about - I joined Alhassan Foundation for Differently Abled Inclusion as a Disability Advocate & Business Development Manager.  As we are proving what we can do, we are not B Class!  All we need is true inclusion in our society.

I went skydiving last year to be the first Egyptian “Wheeler male” who jumped from the plane!

During my visit to the USA, I tried Cross fit, so when I came back I introduced it for wheelers in Egypt after convincing one of the biggest Cross fit centers in the country. Not only that, but sometimes I participate in Marathons with abled bodies, Basketball, Horse & Buggy riding & more…

If you don't fight for your life, rights, yourself, no one will do it for you!

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