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See things in a good way.

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Chris Torres


Hi my name is Chris. When I was born the doctors said that I had muscular dystrophy that effected my heart, lungs, and even severe scoliosis and I was never going to make it to 3 years of age. Well that did not happen 😂😂 - thanks to my God.  On May 10th it will be 18 years, and I will live many more years because MY diagnostic is that I am fine. I'm healthy, happy, and living life to the max. If you enjoy life, you'll be happy and live for many years

I love my wheelchair.  In my eyes it's not a wheelchair, it's my Ferrari!  It has a licence plate and a toll tag along with an inspection sticker.  I don't look at it as a wheelchair, but as a high-end car I take to the shop to upgrade. At one point, I put LED lights on the wheels so they don't look like life is horrible.  The lights make it look to the max and that my life is good. Thank you for your time


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